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Introducing the Founder of CashmereRED

Caci Grinspan’s fascination with cashmere began from a young age with fond memories of her grandmother’s extensive collection. As with every obsession, there was one beloved piece that started it all - a beautiful cashmere intarsia sweater with brightly colored roses. Caci was drawn to the exquisite detail of the knitwear, which became the cornerstone of her business years later.

As a Studio Art major specializing in stone carving at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Caci has always appreciated creatively designed pieces of quality and craftsmanship. After years of study and travel, including a period in Carrara, Italy, Caci found herself in Telluride, Colorado chasing a passion for skiing. She had been shaped by a European way of life, and in many ways, the historic mining town turned ski resort of Telluride and its rugged mountains fulfilled her desires for adventure and glamour. A chance encounter with a visitor who was retiring from the knitwear business rekindled Caci’s attraction to the traditional art of fine cashmere.

This inspired a trip to Scotland where she was introduced to the owner of one of the finest and oldest mills in the country. Caci launched her business at a time when cashmere was yet to be mass-produced and established superior quality from the beginning.

“When you start with the best, there is no turning back,” Grinspan says.

The fashion perspective of the boutique runs deeply in Caci’s blood. Her great aunt, Nan Duskin, opened and operated the first couture women’s clothing store in downtown Philadelphia, Caci’s hometown. Duskin was one of the very first clothiers to import bespoke European lines into the United States.

“I remember sitting on the sofa in the back of her shop, sketching and coloring for hours, while my mother and grandmother shopped. I was certainly influenced by Aunt Nan’s classic yet modern style. I saw the care given to her clients, and that left a great impression on me. I hope to pass that on - sharing in and enjoying every detail of life,” she expresses. Caci continues to honor the gifts inherited from her family’s traditions and shares her passion for art and style with the world.


CashmereRED is committed to knitting integrity into each piece from field to home.


CashmereRED works closely with leading mills in Scotland and the USA to design timeless pieces that will be passed down for generations.


Each garment is created from carefully selected raw materials and finished by hand ensuring only the finest quality.

It all starts with Kashmir goats. Only the underbelly hairs, the longest and most valued, are used to make Scottish cashmere. The down fleece is dyed, spun into yarn, loomed and then knit or woven. The result is luxurious, durable, and irresistibly soft pieces for you and your home. 


Scotland’s continued commitment to exploring the latest technologies and machinery has allowed for whole garment construction that eliminates side, shoulder, and underarm seams. This efficient way of knitting creates an even stronger and more durable finished product. 

CashmereRED thoughtfully curates collections for a one-of-a-kind experience.  Whether shopping in historic Telluride, Colorado, or from the comfort of your home, we invite you to cozy up and enjoy the journey!