CashmereRED is a Scottish Cashmere Company Dedicated to Good Innovation
We are committed to knitting integrity into each piece from the field to home.



Thoughtfully designing and curating timeless pieces for men and women that can be passed from generation to generation is what keeps us up at night. 


It all starts with Kashmir goats. Within the undercoat, the underbelly hairs are the longest and most valued: and it is only these hairs that are used to make Scottish cashmere. Once the downy fleece is dyed and spun into cashmere yarn and then loomed, the result is a luxurious, lightweight, durable and irresistibly soft garment for you and your home. 


Scotland’s continued commitment to exploring the latest technologies and machinery has allowed for whole garment construction that eliminates side, shoulder, and underarm seams. This efficient way of knitting creates an even stronger and more durable finished product.