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You'll need cashmere's favorite Shampoo (and Stain Solution if you had a recent oops.)


  1. Fill a large bowl about halfway full with cool water.
  2. Pour a small amount of the Cashmere Shampoo into your hand.
  3. Add to cool water and gently agitate to create suds. 


  1. Dunk your cashmere into the water fully submerging it. 
  2. Gently agitate the garment allowing suds to develop. 
  3. Let the garment soak 10 minutes in the solution. 


  1. Rinse the garment under running fresh water. 
  2. Gently squeeze excess water from the garment.
  1. Lay the garment onto a flat towel.
  2. Roll the garment in the towel, pressing out excess water. 
  3. Lay the garment on a new dry towel and let dry.
  4. It is now refreshed and ready to wear. 


  • Sweater comb or steam as needed. 
  • Never use a dryer, hot water, or an iron on your cashmere. 
  • Always store your cashmere clean in a breathable container to avoid mildew and bugs.